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The Best Coding Toys for Kids

Watch Astron robot which can bring you a drink: https://youtu.be/cIvupTqbu2I

The UBTECH Jimu Robot AstroBot Kit gives you everything you need to build three different robots — AstroBot, Rover and Astron — or to invent your own robot design using the app on your iPhone or iPad. The bots travel on treads or walk on “feet”, and each has an infrared sensor that allows it to detect and pick up objects. There are also LED flashing lights for expressing emotions, and a speaker that lets you play music or program sound effects for each robot.
Part of the Jimu family, ASTROBOT KIT is a smart programmable robot that is STEM-oriented. It is designed to help children develop their imagination and creativity. With more interesting and challenging interaction, children can build and program their robots by following fun story scenarios.