Liquid Vision

Shark Attack Slow Motion and Interveiw

10 мес. назад

Interveiw regarding Bullshark attack on a spearfisherman in North Queensland Australia December 2016.

Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

11 мес. назад

Full interveiw

Squid Mating

1 г. назад

Southern Calamari Mating.

Cray 4.5kg

2 г. назад

A 4.5kg cray sitting out the front of one of my favourite ledges.

Liquid Vision Season 3 Intro

2 г. назад

First 1 minute Intro to Liquid Vision Season 3.

4.2kg Southern Rock Lobster

2 г. назад

Freediving and catching a 4.2kg southern rock lobster Easter 2016 in Victoria.

Spearfishing Victoria Kingfish Vol 1

2 г. назад

Spearfishing Kingfish, King George Whiting, Rockling and Diving for Southern Rock Lobster in Wilsons Promotory.

North QLD Spearfishing Vol 2

2 г. назад

Spearfishing far North QLD for Maori snapper, Mu, Mangrove Jack and Black snapper.

Spearfishing North Queensland Vol Pt 2

2 г. назад

Spearfishing Coarl trout, Bluebone, Mangrove Jack, GT's, Spanish Mackerel, Maori snapper, Black snapper and Long nose emperor.

Spearfishing North QLD Vol 1 Pt 1

2 г. назад

Spearfishing the Great Barrier reef in North QLD for Coral Trout, Bluebone, Giant Trevally, Mangrove jack, spanish mackerel, midnight snapper, Maori snapper and Long nose emperor.

Liquid Vision - Cray Walking

2 г. назад

A Big Bull Southern Rock Lobster walking around in mating season in search of some females.

LV Season 1 Highlights

2 г. назад

Liquid Vision Season 1 Highlights.

Liquid Vision Trailer season 1

3 г. назад

Spearfishing Victoria.

Spearfishing Squid Port Phillip Bay

3 г. назад

Freediving for Southern Calamari in Port Phillip Bay Victoria.

Big Bull Crays Victoria

3 г. назад

Liquid Vision Epidoe 1 Teaser : Freediving for Big Southern Rock Lobster in Victoria.

Spearfishing at Night

3 г. назад

Night Spearfishing in Victoria Port Phillip Bay.