World's Coolest Sling/Bow Hybrid? The Gearhead Archery T15 Pro.

13 час. назад This is NOT a sponsored video. No money or product changed hands. ----------------------------------------- During the Las Vegas ...

Wooden Skull Crusher Is Devastating

6 дн. назад

As the home made wooden sword did not manage to crack a coconut, we used the left over Dogwood log to make a brutally short and totally heavy ...

Home Made Wood Sword - Will It Kill?

1 нед. назад

Link to Patreon site: Helmforge online: ---------------------------- We love wood here at The ...

New Slingshot. From Deadwood. Will Give It Away.

2 нед. назад

Link to raffle: ---------------------------------------- We built many crazy devices and contraptions recently, but we also still love making ...

The "Rotorblade Beacon": Home Made 360 degree flashlight!

2 нед. назад

This is a sponsored video, containing a paid promotion for the ThruNite T01 flashlight. Thrunite Official Store: (5% OFF coupon: ...

Four Things I Want. Desperately.

2 нед. назад

Link to Patreon Page: -------------------------------------- Things I want... and how YOU can help me getting them. Thanks for ...

Rubber Makes The Difference: Magics of The Hop Up

2 нед. назад

This is not a sponsored video. Product samples temporarily provided by ----------------------------- The video about the 1000 € airsoft ...

Machine Gun Slingshots vs. Ballistic Gelatin

2 нед. назад

Not much to say. So many people wanted to see it. Here it goes. Enjoy! BTW, this is the 20% "German" recipe, not the much weaker "FBI" recipe (10%). A "The ...

How 2 Weaponize the Magnus Effect (Buckets Of Death)

3 нед. назад

Link to original Bruce Yeany video: ---------------------------------------- The Magnus effect is an amazing ...

The "Micro" Machine Gun Slingshot!

4 нед. назад

We dearly love the new full auto machine gun slingshot bolt shooter. The rack and pinion method works so well that we have fired hundreds, even thousands of ...

The 1000 € Dream Airsoft Gun (incl. 50 Meter Tests)

4 нед. назад

Link to supplier: -------------------------------------------- Airsoft guns play no major role here at The Slingshot Channel - but since we look at ...

Review: Chronos 1.4c HiSpeed Cam (Pre Production Model)

1 мес. назад

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More Full Auto Slingshot Stuff

1 мес. назад

So many people had suggestions, questions and ideas regarding the full auto Makita powered bolt shooter that we decided to make a little update. This video ...

Makita40 Full Auto Fun (A Tribute To Hickok45)

1 мес. назад

Link to Hickok45's great original: Now that we have a full auto slingshot with exchangeable magazine... we ...

A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow!

2 мес. назад

When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate ...

Rack and Pinion = Machine-gun Crossbow Solution?

2 мес. назад

Shooting a powerful slingshot crossbow in full auto at military grade machine gun firing rates is the ultimate goal here at The Slingshot Channel. What could be ...

New Year's Day 2017 Firecracker Gun Fail

2 мес. назад

Happy New Year to all of you guys! Looking forward to more fun in 2017.

Death by Remote Control (Weaponized Toy Tank)

2 мес. назад

First 30 000 viewers to use the code IAMTANKER2016 can get (7 days premium time, 250 gold, and free Churchill III Tank) when you click here ...

Weaponize Garage Door Openers (Preview)

2 мес. назад

Here is a sneak preview to coming attractions... our efforts to weaponize RC model toys. Enjoy!

Smelly presents from The Slingshot Channel!

2 мес. назад

It is Christmas time, and two brave boys from Upper Franconia get to taste Viking food... A "The Slingshot Channel" production!

Huge shipment: STS AR 480 crossbow finally available.

2 мес. назад

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