Hunter Hobbs

Awkward Twins Hug for the First time

3 мес. назад

NOT A PARODY- We might be the only awkward twins out there.. Forced my twin to do a few things normal twins probably do on a daily basis that we've never ...

Different Countries Try Malort- The Worst Liquor Ever.

5 мес. назад

"Malort, Tonight's the night you Fight your Dad" Instagram: ...

Never Try Malort...

6 мес. назад

Finally got my hands on one of the most disgusting liquors in America: Jeppson's Malort, which is proud of the fact that their liquor tastes like pencil shavings...

Hunter Hobbs Survivor Audition

6 мес. назад

Always wanted to make a Survivor Audition tape so finally sucked it up and sent one in..

My Strange Addiction- Cash Me Outside

7 мес. назад

So sorry for making this.. but if you don't like it you can cash me outside Instagram: To use this video in a commercial ...

Reaching the End of Excel in One Video.. Full Insane Excel Challenge

7 мес. назад

Almost as exciting as the guy who counts to 100000... Comment and let me know what dumb things you can find me doing! Was never planning on releasing the ...

I wasted 9 hours of my life... Excel Challenge response

8 мес. назад

My response to the Insane Excel Challenge.. Full 9 hour video coming soon! Instagram: Facebook: ...

Hunterhobbzzz Old Vines

8 мес. назад

Rip Vine :/ Here are some of my Vines older. Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram:

INSANE EXCEL CHALLENGE! Over 9 hours to reach the bottom of Excel..

9 мес. назад

See the Full Video here! The Dumbest challenge ever that someone had to do: No shortcuts(Ctrl+down), no breaks, just trying to ...